Protecting people and property from the hazard of fire is the key objective for our fire-resistant glass solutions. However, our glass also harnesses natural daylight in open-plan building designs, thus reducing the need for artificial light, and cutting heating and cooling costs. In exterior application, our products may be incorporated into double and triple glazing with solar control or low emissivity (low-E) features, contributing to maximizing the energy performance of a building.

Barrier to heat solutions. Comprises multiple layers of tempered safety glass with insulating intumescent interlayers. Absorbing energy from the fire, reduces the transmission of radiant heat. Has exceptional optical clarity and offers excellent sound reduction properties. Becomes a complete fire-rated wall system when used with our VDS® FRAMING SYSTEMS.

Highest performing fire-resistant glass as a "barrier to heat" . Available in a variety of combinations including IGU's, multi-comfort, and decorative options.

Tested as a fire resistive wall. Meets: CAN4 S101, UL 263, ASTM E119.

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