Ultimate Security Combined With Fire Resistance

Contraflam® Ultimax: Fire resistant safety glass with improved security features for interior & exterior applications.

New Contraflam® Ultimax combines the proven Contraflam fire-resistance with security glass, offering protection against forced entry, without sacrificing the clear vision of the glass solution. For a highly effective security performance, a polycarbonate-glass-laminate gets added to the make-up of Contraflam fire resistant glass, creating built-in forced entry protection that eliminates the need for an extra pane of glass or an easy-to-damage film.

Contraflam fire resistance with security glass, offers protection for applications that require:

  • Forced Entry / Burglary protection (UL 972)
  • Detention (ASTM F 1915, Grade 1, 2 and 4)
  • Bullet Resistance (UL 752, Level 1-8)

Contraflam® Ultimax combines safety attributes without sacrificing the clear vision of the glass solution.

For a highly effective security performance, a glass-clad-polycarbonate is incorporated to the make-up of Contraflam fire-resistant glass, creating built-in security features. This innovative process eliminates an additional separate glass pane in an IGU make-up, or easy-to-damage surface applied film that is traditionally used in security glazing combinations.

Meeting the standards of today’s personal and property protection, Contraflam® Ultimax is universally adaptable to standard Hollow Metal frame systems with matching security and fire ratings, ideal for retrofits and new construction.

Wherever fire meets security, Vetrotech provides frame / glass system solutions with the widest product variety available.

Product Portfolio
KeraLite® Ultra Ultimax
This thin and light solution can be combined with any security rating for fire ratings up to 90 minutes. Starting at a thickness of only 1-1/16”, KeraLite Ultra Ultimax is the superior solution accommodating hollow metal door retrofits and new construction.

Contraflam® 45/60/90 Ultimax
This product series allows for maximum design freedom and versatility by uniting fire and security requirements for just about any application, Fire-Protective (UL 9, UL10c) or Fire-Resistive (ASTM E119) in combination with our VDS frame series. This product is also available in a 120 minute rating.

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