Limiting Distance

Limiting distance means the distance from an exposing building face to a property line, to the centre line of a street, lane or public thoroughfare or to an imaginary line between two buildings or fire compartments on the same property. Measured at right angles to the exposing building face.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, manufacturers in Europe have developed the ability to create transparent sheets of Glass Ceramic that look like ordinary window glass. Glass Ceramic (such as KeraLiteŽ) have earned fire ratings up to 3 hours.

Glass firewalls are another classification of fire-rated glass (Contraflam By Vetrotech Saint-Gobain with rating from 45 - 120 minutes). These products are actually tested to the same standards as solid walls CAN4-S101. ULC 263, ASTM E 119 in the USA, with ratings up to 2 hours. In addition to stopping flames and smoke, these high performance glass firewalls actually block the transfer of radiant heat.

Alternative measures must be incorporated into the construction of the building. By Installing Labeled Fire Rated Windows, and Frames Tested to CAN4 S-106. Is a cost effective solution.

As per the Ontario Building Code openings in a wall having a limiting distance of less than 1.2m shall be protected by a closure, of other than wired glass or glass block, whose fire protection rating is in conformance with fire resistance rating for the wall.

For Reference please review NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9


Limiting Distance

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