Why Choose Keralite?

Temperature Resistance

All of EuroKera’s glass-ceramic can withstand very high temperature levels, up to 700ºC (1292ºF) in continuous use. This makes of Keralite® the safest solutions for any fireplace.

Near Zero Thermal Expansion

All of EuroKera’s glass-ceramic does not expand or shrink when exposed to different temperature. Keralite® products present a CTE (20-700ºC) of 0 +/- 1. Keralite® is one strong material.

Thermal Shock Resistance

All of EuroKera’s glass-ceramic can endure extreme thermal shocks (∆Tmax = 700ºC) without busting, cracking or weakening. Keralite® will never shatter due to cold water spills.

French Origin

100% of EuroKera’s glass-ceramic is melted in France at our KeraGlass facility, located one hour away from Paris, on a site with a centuries-old tradition of glass melting and we are proud of that.


Due to its mechanical and thermal unmatched characteristics, Keralite® is an extremely durable product even after years of exposure to the hottest flames. It will preserve its aspect and safety.


Transparent, black, white, flat, curved, plain, fully decorated, covered with a specialty coating, … The list of options and customization is incredibly long. EuroKera will work with you to deliver the best design you need.

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